Tomas Bata University in Zlín


About Us

Although the name may be misleading, the study of Advertising photography encompasses not only the photo shoot of advertising campaigns for billboards or for the shiny fashion photographs in magazines, but it also places emphasis on the professional mastery of classical and digital techniques or the processing of traditional materials while also developing creative solutions to artistic and advertising projects. The studio educates professionals in the field who are able to approach each task with technical precision and at the same time, to deal with it in a novel way. The students will get acquainted with the main genres such as still-life photos, photos of glass and porcelain, nude, portrait, landscape, architecture or fashion photography and they will acquire the skills in a wide range of techniques.

At the beginning, the darkroom will become their second home and the large format camera will become their faithful companion; later, they will use digital technology. Two excellently equipped studios will be available to them for working on school assignments, but also on their own projects, and the student Photogether Gallery will be available for exhibiting their own sets of works and their final exam works.  The students are taken care of by a team of expert educators composed of leaders in the photographic industry who transmit their own knowledge of many years of praxis while creating an environment of almost family studio atmosphere that the students like to be in.

An important part of the study is the collaboration with other disciplines on joint projects where students test how creative teams work in reality, for example in advertising agencies, thanks to which they can establish valuable contacts for the future. The graduates certainly will know their way around in the world. An example would be the recent Czech Grand Design award in the category Photographer of the Year.

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