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About Us

Welcome to the Digital Design Studio. Web, UI / UX design, visual design, motion – here we create design for interactive digital media.

Good usability of user interfaces is just as important to us at Digital Design Studio as a high aesthetic level and visual appeal. We design solutions with the user in mind, but we also look for the limits of the possibilities of the new medium in the form of bold ideas and visions. We embrace new approaches and technologies openly and with interest, while at the same time striving to distinguish principles from passing trends.

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Objectives / focus of study

The aim of the Bachelor’s degree is to learn about the full breadth and complexity of digital media design. Gradually, through many creative assignments, we learn to understand and master the principles, rules and laws of creating functional solutions. In this way, students gain an understanding not only of the requirements of the digital design profession, but also of their possible career direction and further development.

In addition to the development of creative abilities, the study in the master’s degree is focused on the deepening of individually chosen skills. We also emphasize the development of competencies such as communication and presentation, analytical thinking, self-management and timemanagement, collaboration and project management, which are a prerequisite for success in a large domestic and global competition.


Our graduates find employment in the creative teams of major digital and advertising agencies (Madeo, STRV, Brain One, …). Others find employment as experts in UI/UX design, web design, information architecture or interaction design in companies developing digital products – not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Many graduates work as freelance designers or set up their own graphic studios.

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