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The faculty is currently acting a researcher and co-researcher of projects funded through the Operational Program Research, Development and Education. This is mainly the TBU Strategic Project, which focuses on increasing the competence of the academic staff in the field of education, and pedagogical and academic growth in general. All this in cooperation with business and industry to ensure greater employability of graduates on the labour market. Another important activity is the preparation of the accreditation of the new Arts Business Management programme, which responds to the demand of the labour market for professional managers who are well-oriented in creative fields, have a comprehensive knowledge of the art environment and combine it with managerial skills.

Another project closely linked to the creation of this new study programme is the investment project titled TBU ART GALLERY, the aim of which is to provide appropriate equipment for a semi-professional gallery that will serve as a training gallery for the students of the new study programme.

Between March 2018 and December 2022, the faculty as the main coordinator (partnering with the National Technical Museum) will be implementing an applied research project Designers in the Czech Lands and the Czechoslovak Engineering Industry, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic within the National Cultural Identity II programme (NAKI). The subject of applied research is the mapping and presentation of important personalities and results of Czechoslovak engineering designer from 1918 to 1993.

Other major projects implemented in 2018 include:

  • Strengthening the Mechanisms Necessary for the Self-evaluation Processes at Art Faculties of Non-art Universities (Centralized Development Programme, FMC as co-partner)
  • 2018 Anniversary Project – Through the Eyes of Young Artists (supported by the Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports)

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