Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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Study Programme Multimedia and Design

Study programme accredited from: 27.03.2021
Study programme accredited until: 27.03.2031

Stand. length of study: 4 Years
Max. length of study: 8 Years

  • Study course P0288D310001 Multimedia and Design, full-time a part-time (study in English for an annual fee of CZK 67,500)

First-year students automatically receive a scholarship (maximum amount of CZK 11,200). Upper year students can apply for a scholarship, the maximum amount of which can be CZK 5,000, depending on their academic performance. Students can also carry out projects through an internal grant agency and receive an additional scholarship.

In terms of type, form, and possible profile, the Doctoral Programme Multimedia and Design is in line with the mission and strategic plan of the university – the Plan for the Implementation of the Strategic Plan of UTB in Zlín for 2020 and other strategic documents of the university. The aim of the study is comprehensive professional preparation of graduates in the field of liberal and applied arts and a wide range of related and related disciplines. The emphasis of the study is on developing talents in the broadest possible range of artistic, design, and multimedia fields in their mutual combination. General, professional and theoretical requirements in creative activities, communication and language competencies, or the realization and presentation of original creative work are an integral part of the program. The study is highly individual, with a strong emphasis on students’ independence, the originality of their work, and various approaches in their chosen artistic disciplines. The high demands placed on students guarantee their subsequent competence and employability on a global scale. At the end of the studies, the knowledge is demonstrated through a state doctoral examination. The artistic and scientific results are presented in a dissertation, which a committee defends.

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