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Department of Marketing Communications

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Branding, creative concept, social media, marketing strategy, segmentation, target group, media plan, guerilla, brief, digital campaign, project … These are some concepts from the field of marketing communications. Knowledge of the basis of these concepts, the understanding of the field of marketing communications in a broader context, good theoretical knowledge, a lot of practical experience, internships, workshops, participation in projects – these are all possibilities of the study at the Department of Marketing Communications. The graduates take away not only good theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, self-presentation and reasoning abilities, as well as ethical approach to the profession. Marketing communications is a dynamic field of study that does not have clear-cut boundaries. The study of this field develops creativity, communication, knowledge, strategic marketing thinking, economics, ethics, teamwork, and many other areas that are interwoven in our lives on a daily basis. Our driving force are new trends and ideas. We are not only a tertiary education institution, we are a community of people who respect each other and who promote and share common goals and dreams. And who fulfil those dreams…


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