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Why should you listen to what we tell you? Get a good picture of the Department of Marketing Communications by reading the stories of our alumni instead! What do they miss the most? What did they learn? And would they do it all over again?

Here is what our students say about studying at UMK:

“After a couple of years of building a practical experience in the media and marketing communications sphere, I decided to officialise my professional development with a master’s degree at TBU.
The marketing communications studies are based on a tailored program that examines the managerial aspect but also explores the cultural and behavioural aspect of the global market which I find it practically important. And speaking about globalization, cultural diversity is one of the greatest assets of the department.
Friendly and inspiring people from all over the world, all carrying unique qualities are joining the studies to share experiences and further develop their skills. Personally, my greatest experience comes from the knowledge and expertise of the academic personnel. Interactivity during the classes goes beyond the tutor and student relationship.”
Filip, North Macedonia

“I’ve always wanted to study in Europe and doing Master’s at Tomas Bata University opened many doors for my future. UTB is a pluralist university with free ideological, political or economical thinking and this was a big advantage for me. Here you can find critical and analytical thinking, self-development is always encouraged. Everybody is offered the same opportunities without discrimination caused by race, gender, opinion, language or religion. Here at the Department of marketing communications, I met highly qualified teachers, a very friendly environment, and well-equiped university facilities. Every year hundreds of students come in Zlin from different parts of the world to do their Erasmus program and it’s a very good possibility to make new connections, new experiences, and just new friends. Being far from home sometimes is hard, but university helps its students to express themselves and their own culture too by organizing international days, or country presentations. University facilities are impressive, everything that students can need for good education is highly available and very close, my excitement was caused mostly by the library. TBU (Tomas Bata University) gave me the possibility to participate in the Erasmus program and gain more experience, learn more, get to know new cultures and people. I am very proud that I’m part of this big family called Tomas Bata University and always will try to show that the effort that was made for me by teachers, buddy system, international office, faculty staff or anybody in UTB will be highly appreciated and remembered by me.”
Vladislava, Russian Federation

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