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Department of Marketing Communications


You can study marketing communications in English in a follow-up Master’s degree programme in a full-time form of study.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to think creatively and realistically at the same time and have an understanding of marketing communications in the context of other disciplines. Our study programmes are and always have been heavily connected to practice, as this is the only way to make sure that our graduates leave our school rich in professional experience.

Thanks to Communication Agency (COMAG), students have an opportunity to apply their managerial and teamwork skills across the full range of disciplines offered by the Faculty of Multimedia Communications. They are fully and independently in charge of organizing events, starting from the initial idea, through fundraising, creative online and offline promotion, all the way to the final implementation alongside the 11 artistic disciplines taught at the FMC.

The Department of Marketing Communications is the only institution in the region of Moravia to provide students and companies with a platform designed for marketing research. Laboratory “redlab” is able to arrange research using the process of eye tracking, offer virtual reality programming and testing and provide tools for the application of the new scientific discipline of design thinking.

Our study programmes also include other practice-oriented subjects and allow third-year and fifth-year students to intern at an agency of their choice – home or even abroad.

A detailed list of subjects can be found in the curricula published on the faculty website.

What do we specialize in?

Digital communication icon

Digital communication
e-marketing / online presentation / e-metrics /
social media
We stress the importance of understanding the function and potential of e-marketing tools and their correct use in line with the essence of the brand and its marketing mix.

Marketing research icon

Marketing research
quantitative and qualitative research / research tools

The student will acquire practical skills necessary for applied research, from preparation and development to analysing results and applying the findings to the context of companies.


Public relations icon

Public relations
communicating with the media / press release

principles / copywriting
The object of study are the techniques and tools used in building long-term relationships with the public through media and maintaining in-house relations and awareness through internal PR.

Sales promotion icon

Sales promotion
role of sales promotion /  bonus programs

The aim of this subject is to provide a systematic explanation of all forms and tools used by current sales promotion experts both in the commercial and non-profit sphere.

Psychology, sociology, economics icon

Psychology, sociology, economics
social structures /

campaign budgeting
Understanding the principles of marketing communications in the context of other disciplines entails basic knowledge of psychology, sociology and economics.

Design Thinking Icon

Design Thinking
design thinking methods and principles /

fostering creativity
In contrast to critical thinking, design thinking is the process of creating ideas, in which every person is considered a designer able to approach tasks in a creative way.

You can get a good feel of the DMC through our Facebook and Instagram profiles where we post regular updates.

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