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Aquademiq at EXPO DUBAI 2020 

AQUADEMIQProject of the Industrial Design Studio FMC TBU in Zlín

The study at the Industrial Design Studio focuses on the issues of designing mass-produced products from the field of furniture design, interior accessories, electric appliances, machines, means of transportation, etc. The studio builds on the long tradition of industrial design in Zlín as the cradle of Czech industrial design, and emphasizes the high utility value of design, its ergonomics, visual quality, ecology and production potential.Prantišek Dvořák Kuberg Tauro

Studio instruction is conducted in the form of individual consultations where students work on assigned projects individually or in teams which is an appropriate way to prepare for the position of a freelance designer or a member of a company’s design team. Thanks to studio projects and professional workshops, students are continuously acquainted with both the traditional and most progressive technologies and materials, which allows them to find innovative design solutions. The diversity of assigned project topics in turn enhances the universal readiness and capacity of the graduates to address a wide range of various designer tasks in praxis. The vast majority of studio projects is also initiated directly by praxis through specific requirements and needs of the industry.

Close collaboration with the manufacturing sector brings about a variety of realizations of specific products, registered industrial designs and successful long-term partnerships with many companies.

Andrej Kmeť

A positive indicator of optimal direction of the studio is the use graduates finds for their skills in praxis, both in domestic and foreign companies, on positions of designers in the design studios and design centres of production companies involved in a variety of areas of industrial production, such as furniture, glass, electrical engineering, engineering, automotive and other industries. The also regularly presents its work at numerous domestic and foreign competitions and events devoted to design where it wins a number of major awards, e.g. the recent main Grand Prix prize and Corporate prize of the Asia Awards competition in the framework of the world event Tokyo Design Week, Red Dot Design Award in the category Design Concept and the Red Dot Design Award in the category Best of the Best. On a long-term basis, the Industrial Design Studio contributes significantly to the leading position of Faculty of Multimedia Communications TBU in Zlín among educational institutions of similar focus in the world.

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