Tomas Bata University in Zlín


About Us

The fascination of one of the oldest materials on Earth, exploration of its possibilities and expansion of its processing boundaries… This is the Glass studio, where students have the opportunity to create not only in the field of design but also in the field of free art.

At the studio, we view each student as a personality and approach him or her accordingly. We wish to get to know them, support their originality and uniqueness in order for them to impress not only a design company, but also, for example, a curator who would prepare their exhibition. We want students to have fun, which might be precisely what sets us apart from other glass studios. We promote individuality, spontaneity, originality of solution and the widest glass processing capabilities possible, even in combination with other materials. We do not stress prior knowledge of the field, that is a graduation from a secondary art school. On the contrary, we are very happy for the interest of students from other schools who do not have the material of glass on their curriculum as a regular subject. Such students are in most cases completely free and spontaneous. They do not have the barriers in themselves which would otherwise be built in by such working material – they are not afraid.

We wish that students acquire an overview of the issues of glass production, glass design and contemporary art, by assigning specific projects of specific focuses. In some cases, students’ tasks are “made to measure” in order to support their creativity and to make the graduates able to make use of glass as material in a more progressive manner in the context of contemporary art and design.

During their studies, our students experience the preparation of custom designs and free art exhibitions not only in our country but also abroad. They learn to prepare their work, PR, photographic documentation, Web presentation sites and they start cooperation with glass companies who will subsequently produce their design. Our goal is to prepare students for the competitive environment that looks not only capable designers, but also for talented artist.

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