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Graphic Design

About Us

Nowadays, the world is bursting with visual elements created by graphic designers. For over 20 years now, the studio has been producing top specialists in this field. The study includes a wide range of graphic design creation: basic exercises in stylization of image motifs, promotional vehicles (posters, printed materials, flyers, catalogues), brand, logotype, visual identity, logo manual, font and typography, book architecture, printed material finishing, electronic typesetting, packaging design, design of multimedia and dynamic presentations.

In the Bachelor’s degree, students will acquire the basics of graphic design, especially in craft professional terms in the widest possible spectrum of creation. On the Master’s level, students have the opportunity to perfect their individual professional focus, or also to develop larger, conceptually more complex graphic ideas, including the development of theoretical foundations of the field. An important aspect of the study is also collaboration with students of Marketing communications on various practical projects, which also allows students, among other things, to find good use of their skills in praxis (advertising agencies, graphic studios, self-employed activity – free-lancing) . It is this study profile that ensures almost 100% success rate in finding use of one’s skill on the market. This is why interest in studying at the studio is high.

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