Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Shoe Design

Creative Activities

MgA. Veronika Bartošíková

  • Collection of shoes for the fashion collection of Markéta Martišková Life After Life, 2014
  • Collaboation on a collection of shoes for the fashion collection of  Markéta Martišková Keep in Balance (Start-Up winner, MB PFW 2013), 2013
  • Collaboration with the Bonaparte company – Martin Trik; design of a slipper for children, 2012
  • Collaboration with the Upman company; design of health-conscious footwear, 2012

Selected student designs

  • Martina Řiháčková – her NEWINTAGE colection made it to the seelction for the ELIA NEW/NOW Festival 2014, Glasgow, 2014
  • Miroslav Mihalik – 2nd place in the Fashion Design category in the Design Talent 2013 competition for his FEMME FATALE collection, Zlín, 2014
  • Eva Klabalová – nominated as the only Czech representative for the MUUSE x VOGUE TALENT COMPETITION 2014
  • Kateřina Bičáková – award of the Design Cabinet CR and award of the chairman of the board of WLG Invest, a.s., collection of men’s footwear and accessories ORGANIC FOOTSTEP, 2012
  • Iben Johansen – 1st place in the international student competition DESIGN TALENT, Summer Sandal (Erasmus+ student), 2012
  • Anna Černohorská – 3rd place in the international student competition DESIGN TALENT, collection of footwear and accessories FINLAND, 2012
  • Martina Bačíková – 3rd place in the international student competition DESIGN TALENT, collection I AM NOT WALKING AWAY, I AM FLOATING AWAY, 2011
  • David Frkal – 1st place in the competition at the APLF fair in Hong Kong for a graphic design of a bag inspired by the architecture of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing, 2009

Selected student exhibitions

  • High Heels – curator Liza Snook, Schloss Lichtenwalde, Germany, 2017
  • Shoe Magic – Experimental Shoes in Art and Design – curator Liza Snook, Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest, 2017
  • Exhibition of works by student of the Shoe Design Studio, Pod Palmovkou Gallery, Prague, 2016
  • Foot in Paradise – retrospective of the Shoe Design Studio, Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlín, 2016
  • Head Over Heels – joint exhibition of Fashion Design Studio and Shoe Design Studio, Satelit Gallery, Bratislava, 2016
  • PopUp Show – participation in a joint exhibition, Milan Design Week, Milan, 2015
  • FREE FEET – exhibition of works by students of Shoe Design Studio, Pro Design Gallery at Armaturka, Ústí nad Labem, 2015
  • Works by the students of Shoe Design Studio were included in the Virtual Shoe Museum database, 2014
  • Participation in the exhibition STOLEČKU, PROSTŘI SE, Veselí nad Moravou, 2014
  • Tomáš Baťa: The Shoemaker the Conquered the World! Exhibition participation, Centro Ceco, Milan, 2014
  • Exhibition at the Motorenhalle, Dresden, 2014
  • Exhibition at Vernon Gallery, Prague, 2014
  • About Layabouts – participation in a collective ehxibition, Milan Design Week, Milan, 2014
  • Meet Czech Design, Zlín, 2014
  • Participation in exhibition “Baťa, Svit and Followers“, Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlín, 2014
  • ROOMS II., Prague, 2014
  • AUPARK exhibitions – joint exhibition of the Shoe Museum, international shoe designers and the Shoe Design Studio, Bratislava, Košice, Žilina (SK), 2014
  • Participation in the Bazzart festival, Košice (SK), 2013
  • Participation in the STOLEČKU, PROSTŘI SE exhibition, Vienna, Copenhagen, Stuttgart, Milan, Munich, Sofia, Lodž, Prague, 2012–2013
  • APLF Fair, Hong Kong, 2012
  • Joint presentation of the Shoe Design Studio and Fashion Design Studio at Designblok, Prague, 2011
  • 7th Biennale of the textile design studios in Česká Skalice, Zlín Spring, 2011
  • Czech Fresh Design, Washington, DC, 2010
  • Galerie 12 – exhibition of semester assignments, Zlín, 2009
  • ZLíNY exhibition at the Czech Centre, New York, 2008
  • APLF Fair, Hong Kong, 2008
  • 10th Salon of the Society of Czech Architects, Prague, 2007
  • Styl and Kabo fairs at the Trend Forum, Brno, 2005–present

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