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Fashion is everywhere and it is currently the expressive means of the personality of every person.

Fashion Design Studio (FDS) is a dynamically developing Studio which supports the students’ individual expression and their creativity through fashion. At the same time, we try to have the students work on practical projects even during their studies, which is how we partially contribute to the good functioning of the clothing designer in praxis. We try to find the students’ essence and the extent to which they are able to participate in today’s fashion industry, both from the perspective of an independent designer, and the perspective of a member of a creative team of an already established brand. There are also options outside the creative process – a fashion editor or a qualified dealer. This is aided by the study of fashion marketing.

Students’ works react to current events in the fashion industry and take full advantage of the potential of the industry and multi-subject cooperation. The history of the studio is marked by its focus on the fields of advertising, industry and marketing. Great emphasis is placed on the development of conceptual creativity and originality. The semester topics are flexible and focused so that students develop their creativity in a complex way. The result is a garment in its artistic, but also its commercial position. An important part of the study is also the presentation of the work. The studio regularly presents at fashion shows and exhibitions. Students have gained considerable achievements and awards both at home and abroad.

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