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Spatial Design

About Us

The purpose of the study at the Spatial Design Studio is to prepare students for the use of universal rules and procedures for their own creative activity. The study focuses on the knowledge of issues shaping the quality of space, the perception of space in terms of its composition and the application of gained knowledge in exhibitions, stage design, interior and furniture design, designing small architecture and facilities of public space. The study field is based on knowledge of the typological principles of both architecture and design which form the bases for the solution of internal and external spatial situations.

The study is conducted in the form of individual consultations of design proposals according to the current portfolio of topics assigned at the studio. The studio is supported by specialists and expert consultants in the comprehensive extent required, it organizes professional workshops and excursions, it specifically focuses on cooperation with workplaces in the field and the actual users of their products. Graduates will find use of their skills in the field of interior and architectural design, scenic spacial design, in promotion and design studios, or in studios dealing with furniture and both utility and artistic space equipment both indoors and outdoors.

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