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Our studio is primarily intended for graduates of the Art and Fine Arts bachelor programs. It creates possibilities for developing students with organizational and managerial prerequisites and a desire to implement their plans in the area of culture. It is focused on the education of managers in the organization and management of artistic work in cultural and creative branches, in creative art and in design. It prepares comprehensive development of individuals and professionals with a firm, conscious foundation, who are oriented in commercial and non-commercial sectors.

The Arts Management study program puts great emphasis on experience, artistic research, linguistic preparation and individual, i.e. studio instruction, the natural component of which is the university gallery G18.

This course is designed for mastering skills in organizing and managing artistic work on the level of contemporary knowledge of general and field-specific disciplines of fine art and design, for acquiring abilities in the interpretation and presentation of works of art or creative performances, the creation of author catalogues, monographs or theoretical and critical reflection.

The study is carried out in the form of a two-year master program.

Our graduates are successful as independent specialist workers in the area of fine art and design. They are equipped with the skills for working in teams of artists and other creative individuals and leading management processes and the presentation of works.

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