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Film is our life

The Audiovisual Arts Studio is one of the few university departments offering comprehensive education in the field of creation of audiovisual works – short and feature films, commercials and promotional films, or copyright works. Teaching in the studio focuses mainly on modern methods, while preparing students for practical working life in the professional field of audiovisual communication, i. e. in fiction, documentary, film, television and advertising, production and post-production.

During their studies, students of the Theory and Practice of Audiovisual Creation focus on one of six specializations – Directing and Screenwriting, Production, Camera, Editing, Sound Design, and Visual Effects (VFX). The standard length of study at the bachelor’s degree is 3 years, the continuing master’s degree lasts 2 years.

During their studies, students focus on the practical production of films and assignments, as well as on the theoretical foundations of audiovisual culture, aesthetics, or the history of cinema. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary cooperation and on comprehensive development of skills and knowledge including interdisciplinary collaboration. Practical work experience includes compulsory internships (e. g. in the IS Produkce, Czech Television, Bumerang, Kouzelná, Filmfest Zlín and other companies).

Each semester, a number of workshops led by professionals take place:

Foreign experts:

2020 – May – Raphaël O’Byrne (France) – Director of Photography, one Profession But Multiple Activities
2019 – November – Linda Aronson (Australia) – Creativity Under Pressure + Parallel Narrative – Introduction
2019 – May – Eric Castanet – one-week workshop (France)
2018 – 2020 – One-day workshops – Slovakia: Miro Remo, Peter Bebjak, Tereza Nvotová, Marek Kuboš

Professionals from the Czech Republic:


Štěpán Hulík – Methods of film narration
Jiří Kačírek – First and last aid directing
Helena Bendová – System of granting support in the State Fund of Cinematography
Helena Bendová – Working with a camera in computer games
Václav Kadrnka – Acting in an audiovisual work
Veronika Kührová – PITCH IT! How to properly present your project
Jiří Kosorinský – Stuntmen in practice
Martin Kotík – The importance of animation and test projection
Tomáš Zlámal – Sound in video games
Michal Böhm – Montage of Nicolas Roeg
Břetislav Rychlík – Working with actors
Marcel Legindi – Adobe After Effects for editors


Veronika Slámová – Television formats from the perspective of a CT manager
Přemysl Martinek – Film distribution
Bohdan Karásek – The Road to the Feature Debut – A Case Study of Karel, Me and You
Jakub Felcman – Dramaturgy in Contemporary Czech Film on the Case Study of Silent Touches
Petr Pekař – Game industry and cutscenes
Tereza Kovářová – Film script
Ivan Ostrochovský – Working with an actor
Jakub Felcman – Documentary director Jaroslav Kučera Close up (projection and Q&A)
Palo Kadlečík, Martin Šenc – directors of the documentary Something More (screening and Q&A)
Jiří Kosorinský – Stunts in film
Jan Busta, Libor Alexa, Jiri Kunst – Art trailerer
Michal Orsava, Michaela Lovecká – A behind-the-scenes look at viral videos with millions of views
Marek Kuboš – Director of the documentary The Last Self-Portrait (screening and Q&A)
Magdalena Hladká – Activities of the Zlín Film Office
Magdalena Hladká, Markéta Pášmová – How to finance a film
Boris Masník – Grading (UPP)


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