Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Shoe Design


  • Holík International s.r.o. – development of protective gloves, 2017
  • Prabos plus a.s. – redesign of the current collection, 2016
  • Bobux, New Zealand – design of applications for children’s footwear, 2013–present
  • Baťa, Baťa Europe project – a project aimed at revitalizing the store concept and the sale of Baťa shoes and finding a new approach to the setup of individual collections; the project inluded the redesign of successful models from the past and their transformation into a modern look; a long-term project led by Marcello Pace (Baťa Headquarters) Italy, Padua, 2014 – 2016
  • MEDISTYLE – new design of uppers for ladies’ and men’s leisure footwear
  • NOVESTA – design of working rubber boots and uppers for canvas leisure sneakers
  • BONAPARTE – children’s slippers
  • VALLECO s.r.o. – design of accessories for teenagers, promotional graphics for the series
  • BAŤA – Medi Programme – footwear for diabetics. Designs of new uppers for ladies’ and men’s health footwear. Two models have been selected for production.
  • MOLEDA, a.s. – designs of a new sole for the PRESTIGE line; collaboration on market reseearch for a new Student product line. Redesign of PRESTIGE footwear.

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