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Internships Abroad

Do you want to have a break from your studies for 2-3 months and at the same time to continue in your professional and personal development  while also significantly increase your chances in the labor market? Then take the opportunity and use your theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and creativity in the international work environment.

The internship is another option for students to go abroad during their studies within the framework of Erasmus+ program and also within the Freemover program.

The selection of an institution/ company for a work placement is entirely up to you. You can work in any company, public institution, or with a freelancer but the work content should be related to your FMC field of study.

Erasmus+ and Freemover selection procedure

The selection procedure for interships is held at the same time as Erasmus+ study stays, i. e. twice a year, always one semester in advance, at the turn of September/October (refers to mobilities in the summer semester of the relevant academic year) and at the turn of January/February (refers to mobilities in the winter semester in the upcoming academic year).

At present, applications for interships can also be sent at any time during the academic year. Grant allocation depends on allocated funds in the Erasmus + budget.

The application should be sent to

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