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Master Study Programme Marketing Communication

Application directive

Dean’s Directive SD2021.09
Directive for a Publicly Announced Admission Procedure for the Master Degree Study Programme Marketing Communication, Full-time Study, Taught in the English Language

Nearest Application deadline for academic year 2024/2025
  • January 31, 2024 (there will be subsequent deadlines that will be announced later both here and at
  • completed related bachelor or master degree study programme focusing on marketing, marketing communications and media, economics, business management, mass communication, or sociology, preparing for a follow-up master degree programme
Where and how to apply

Applications for academic year 2024/2025 are now open

  • fill in the Tomas Bata University E-application
  • Required documents: university diploma, Transcript of Records, Certificate in English (CEFRL B2 minimum), curriculum vitae, university reference, Recognition of Previous Tertiary Education,  (for details see TBU E-Application FAQs)
  • there is no fee for the admission procedure
Entrance examination
  • Essay written in English, 2,500–3,000 words long, upload together with your application to study (one of the required documents)
  • Essay topic: The Importance of Sustainability in Marketing Communications
Essay requirements

In your essay, deal with the following questions:

  • What does sustainability in marketing, specifically in marketing communications, mean?
  • Why is sustainability important in marketing communications?
  • How can sustainability be communicated? (please present real-life examples)
  • What does sustainable influence on consumers mean?
  • What do you think the trends in sustainable marketing communications are?

Essay criteria assessed

  • Quality of the essay:
    • Adherence to topic and its quality
    • Essay organization (introduction, body, and conclusion)
    • Logical division, coherence and unity
    • Correct standard English with complete and error-free sentences
  • Evidence of the use of appropriate materials such as scientific books, journal articles, studies, and reports. Use Harvard referencing (author/date style in-text references), and list all your sources at the end of your paper too. Avoid plagiarism.
  • Formal requirements:
    • format: PDF, font: Calibri, font size:  12, line spacing: 1.15
    • Recommended length: 2,500–3,000 words
    • Maximum score: 100 points
    • Minimum score for admission: 70 points
Language requirements
Number of accepted applicants
  • Minimum 8, maximum 20
Tuition fee
  • CZK 67,500 per year (or equivalent sum in EUR according to the current exchange rate of the Czech National Bank)
  • payable within 15 days of enrolment
  • payment details are available in the application generated at
Enrolment date
  • Not specified yet (approx. mid-September 2024)

Doctoral Study Programme Multimedia and Design


There will be no doctoral students admitted for study in the academic year 2024-25.


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