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Zlin Design Week launches Open Call for models

Zlin Design Week, which has been a cradle of young artists, education, communication, design, and fashion enthusiasts for over ten years, reveals the future of this year’s program and is looking for reinforcements. One part of the festival’s program is the upcoming Fashion Show, where designers from various parts of the world will present their pieces. But what turns the designs into reality are their wearers. Open application for models of all ages runs from February 7 to March 3, and anyone can apply.

Zlin Design Week represents the peak of exclusivity in design, which, among other things, is accessible to everyone without distinction. “We are proud that our Open Call has no specifications or limitations. For us, every person is unique and should have the space to show their beauty to the world,” state Julie Müller and Annamarie Urbánková, managers of the ZDW 2024 Fashion Show.

The concept of the show “Future is a Spectrum” underlines the dynamic nature of the future, which is not limited to a single linear path but spreads out as a diverse spectrum of possibilities. Each point on this spectrum represents a unique aspect of possible reality, creating a colorful and interconnected tapestry of future developments.

“The key elements of this concept include the constant development of technology, mutually unpredictable connections, and sensory exploration, which together form an intense and complex view of the future of the fashion industry and society as a whole,” explains festival dramaturge Jitka Smolíková.

How to be part of the ZDW Fashion Show 2024?

  • Who can apply for Open Call? Everyone! Zlin Design Week is looking for diversionary models of different faces and shapes of all ages, regardless of previous experience. It is an opportunity for anyone with the desire to showcase their talent and passion for design.
  • How to apply? For privacy reasons, please send the attached requirements by March 3 to the following email address:
    • Name, surname & age
    • Where you are from
    • Height and body measurements (chest, waist, and hip circumference, shoe size)
    • Three photos: profile, frontal, and full body.

The Fashion Show is open to all interested persons, regardless of characteristics, body proportions, age, or state of health. Simply, everyone has the opportunity to shine on the catwalk. A first-hand experience is documented by one of the participants, Klára Hofmanová: “Events like Zlin Design Week always bring plenty of inspiring, creative, and talented people with interesting life stories. The feeling you get when you go out with a beautifully made-up, stylized outfit that amazes and someone has designed and made it themselves is indescribable; I wish you could experience it.”

The main festival fashion show will take place during the Friday program of the Zlin Design Week festival, which is being held under the auspices of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University and will take place from May 8 to 14, 2024. Tickets will be available at the beginning of March.

If you are interested in specific topics of the program, stay tuned. Follow the links to the website or Instagram profile for more information.

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