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Zlin Design Week Invites You to the Design from Your Kitchen Exhibition

Design CANTEEN has already set up the table and invites you to its first online exhibition, Design from Your Kitchen. In the virtual ZDW 360° gallery you can see the work of talented designers from Czechia and abroad.

In these difficult times, most designers don’t have the opportunity to exhibit their work. Galleries and exhibition spaces are closed, and we are forced to live our lives online. After the successful Best in Design exhibition of final works, which took place online at the beginning of the year, the Zlin Design Week team decided to offer the online space to other designers for free to give them a chance to present their work to the general public.

In the virtual ZDW 360° gallery, from March 29. 2021, you can see works from various authors who are members of the Design CANTEEN – a social media platform for designers, which was created under the auspices of the Zlin Design Week festival. The Facebook group has been operating since March 2020 and gathers designers and everyone interested in what is happening in the design. Exhibiting are not only young and buffing designers and art students, but also experienced professionals.

For example, UI / UX designer Michal Dovrtěl came up with a project focusing on sustainable farming in the city center, Kristýna Štarhová and Štěpán Kaminský, actors, who started creating handbags from washable paper and wood during the era of closed theaters. And not only parents of small children are thrilled by industrial designer Jan Stárek and his design of kickback scooter.

The Design from Your Kitchen exhibition was prepared by curator Diana Randjakova. You can see the design specialties from the area of the ​​product, digital, graphic, footwear, and fashion design for the whole month from opening, until April 29, from anywhere and at any time of the day!

If the Design from Your Kitchen exhibition has pleased your taste buds, don’t forget to take part in the festival program, which will take place mainly online from 7 to 14 May. Become a part of Design CANTEEN and follow the website and social networks of the Zlin Design Week festival on Facebook and Instagram.

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