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The diploma thesis from the Graphic Design studio won at the Anifilm festival

The international festival of animated films Anifilm in Liberec announced the winners of the competitions in individual film and game categories on Saturday 6 May 2023. The award for the best video clip went to the video Lenka Dusilová: Białe konie directed by Miloslav Frič. It was his diploma thesis, which he completed last year at the Graphic Design studio.

“More than the text of the song, the conversation with Lenka Dusilová was much more inspiring for me. I didn’t look at the composition as a song, but as part of a larger whole. I take the album “Řeka” (the River) as a whole, and that is why I decided to work more with themes such as wandering, journey, purification, confrontation, death and life, in short, with all the themes that run through the album Řek. If I had to at least partially indicate the story of the video clip, I would describe it as a journey through a river that cleanses from deposits, dissolves and transforms. Like a journey to the other shore, beyond the Sun, where all those who were separated will meet,” says Miloslav Frič about the project.

The entire video clip has its own internal logic, which may not be completely obvious to the viewer. It is not entirely a narrative story, but rather a combination of designer thinking and a story that culminates in a visual experience. (Objects influence each other, overflow, bump into each other according to predetermined rules.) I would like the viewer to be carried away by the stream of images and sounds of the River, rather than trying to understand it rationally. This leads to the fact that the video clip can be very difficult for someone to grasp, but as Dusilová herself said in one of her interviews: “I don’t know why I’m stuffing myself into someone’s living room.”


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