Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Our students won the competition of European film schools

Students from the Audiovisual Creation studio FMK UTB in Zlín managed to succeed in the world again – they took home the main prize in the framework of the 48 Hours European Inter-School Challenge – an international competition, during which film school students have to shoot a short film for a given assignment in 48 hours.

The forty-eight-hour challenge with the subtitle European Grouping, organized by the European section of the International Association of Film and Television Schools CILECT, took place this year on 17-19 march

Participating schools in the competition included host 3iS based in the Élancourt metropolitan area of Paris, Portugal’s Lusófona University in Lisbon, Britain’s London South Bank University, Sweden’s Dalarna University and Belgium’s Institut des Arts de Diffusion. The Czech Republic was represented by the Audiovisual Creation studio from FMC UTB in Zlín.

A single brief of required footage between one and two minutes was ‘Hidden Past’, with the attributes to appear in the footage being a character’s reflection and a ringing telephone. All participating schools were involved in the voting for the winning title, with the condition that they were not allowed to vote for films of their own production.

Three crews were involved from the Audiovisual Creation studio. One of them – in the group of students Lukáš Vízner (screenplay, direction, production), Jaroslav Vůjtek (camera), Michael Kuthan (editing) and František Ferenz (sound) – won the highest award, the Jury’s Main Prize, for his film called Purgatory. with which they also got the opportunity to travel to one of the participating schools and a license to the DaVinci Resolve Studio post-production software for each crew member.

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