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Preparatory Course for Applicants from Ukraine

The Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University in Zlín is organizing a lifelong learning course “Preparation of Ukrainian Applicants for the Admission Procedure at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications” in the period from September to December 2022.

Who is the course for?

The course is intended for citizens of Ukraine who obtained a tolerance visa after 24 February 2022, have completed secondary education in Ukraine after 1 January 2020, and intend to participate in the admission procedure for the bachelor’s degree programs Multimedia and Design, Theory and practice of Animation or Theory and Practice of Audiovisual Production at the FMC.

What is the aim of the course?

The aim of the course is to improve the participants’ knowledge of the Czech language, the history of Czech and world culture and design, to get acquainted with the basics of typography and digital design, and to prepare a quality portfolio, which is essential for success in the admission procedure.

What is the content of the course?

Lectures, interactive teaching, short cultural and historical excursions in Zlín and the surrounding area. Consultation of the portfolios with representatives of individual specializations (studios).

Is the course free of charge?

The course is free of charge.

In which language will the course take place?

All activities within the course will take place exclusively in the Czech language – it is therefore essential that the participants are able to understand and communicate in the Czech language before entering the course.

Who will teach in the courses?

Teachers of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications:

  • doc. Miroslav Zelinský – Playful Czech, Myths in the Czech Society, History of Czech Culture
  • dr. Silvie Stanická – Excursions
  • MgA. Lenka Baroňová: Typography
  • dr. Vít Jakubíček – History and Theory of Design and Design in the Czech Republic, Excursions
  • MgA. Aliaksandra Laurova – Digital Design

Participants will be able to consult their portfolios with the teachers of the relevant studios to which they intend to apply.

The guarantor of the course is Mgr. Pavel Krutil.

When will the course take place?

The course will take place once in 14 days starting on September 2, 2022 (Friday). The last day of classes is December 9, 2022. Classes will take place from 10 am to 5 pm. Teaching will last a total of 51 hours.

What is the capacity of the course?

The maximum capacity of the course is 15 participants. The minimum number of participants is 5.

Do you provide accommodation and meals?

We expect the participation of applicants from Zlín and the surrounding area, so we do not provide accommodation or meals.

How to register?

Download application form (in Czech, .docx)
Fill in the application form (please in Latin and in a legible form), sign and email the scanned document by July 31, 2022 to

How will the participants benefit from taking part in the course?

Course participants will receive a certificate of completion, but will not receive preferential treatment in any way during the admission procedure.

Where can I get more detailed information?

Send an email with your question to Use “CZV-UA” on the subject line.

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