Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Communications Agency

Communication Agency (KOMAG) is a unique course which does not have an equal at universities in the Czech Republic. Every year, our students implement a variety of projects within the framework of COMAG that are unique in the Czech environment. The main idea of KOMAG is to teach students to cooperate with each other across their various specializations. For everyday praxis, it is important that marketing communications students understand how to assign work to graphic designers, what their job entails and, conversely, a graphic designer must understand how each of the outputs will be used with and what it will be used for. This is just one of many examples of understanding the disciplines that FMC offers. Students take away a lot of experience, not only for their professional life, but also for the personal one. In the framework of this collaboration, a number of work cooperations, contacts and friendships arise. The interconnectedness of study fields that FMC offers is unique and KOMAG works to create synergy and to form one unified whole.


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