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Petra Bašnáková published the book Born of sand and sun

The prestigious publishing house Dewi Lewis Publishing in London published the student of Photography studio BcA. Petra Bašnáková the book Born of sand and sun. Dewi Lewis Publishing is an established photography publisher. It has been active on the market for thirty years and has published a number of important photographic publications – for example, a book by William Klein, Martin Parr or Bruce Gilden.

The book Born of sand and sun presents a view of nomadic Bedouins in contemporary Israel. The contents of the book are shaped by sensitive photographic views of the landscape and unusual portraits and found still lifes. Student Petra Bašnáková took photos with a Mamiya analog camera on classic FUJI Portra color negative. All photographs therefore have a specific color given by the chosen material and the desert environment. The theme and execution itself represent a unique author’s work. Part of the photos for the project were taken as part of the Erasmus program during a study stay at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. The publication was supported by an internal grant from the Tomas Bata University, and a big thank you goes to everyone who contributed to the creation of the publication.

The publishing house publishes around twenty photographic titles per year. Student Petra Bašnáková received an offer to publish the book Born of sand and sun based on several important awards such as the Ian Parry Scholarship, Sony World Award or Slovak Press Photo.

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